73 Bristol Boys
Company "D" Bristol, Connecticut

Walter Michaels, as a tribute to his father Lyman Michaels- one of the 73 Bristol Boys, has spent countless hours researching archives, books, WW1 rosters, newspaper reports, and letters from the servicemen. He has assembled his collection into this booklet to help one grasp just a small sense of the courage, valor, and horror that the men of Company D, Bristol Connecticut, endured fighting to insure our freedom in the "Great War" www1 - 1917/1918.

Of special note should be the interesting letters that the Bristol Boys sent back home describing the conditions and circumstances that add credibility to the phrase "War is Hell".

At age 92, Walter Michaels, a WW2 veteran, has done a wonderful job preparing this information for future generations.                
 Book will be available soon on Amazon